What's Your Favorite Way to Travel With Cannabis?

What's Your Favorite Way to Travel With Cannabis?

When you have the cannabis you enjoy and that makes you feel good, you don't want to stay at home all day, do ya? I know I sure don't. I want to go do something. It doesn't always matter what, but I want to feel good outside, enjoy nature and the simple things in life. Maybe it's a nearby park, river, lake, ocean, sea, or beach. Maybe it's closeby like going to your BFF's house, whatever it is, I'm sure you're going to bring your favorite, newest, kindest, best bud with you. Make sure when you travel with cannabis, you’re moving in real life incognito mode =)

Smell proof weed bags

How do you travel with your favorite weed? We don’t think you just put it loose in your front pocket. Keeping it fresh and in pristine condition doesn’t have to require a lot of thought when you have a bag designed for that specific purpose. Plastic bags often smash or cause your weed to break apart and become loose. It’s much nicer to get where you’re going with your bud in perfect shape. People put a lot of time, effort and energy into cultivating and curing the cannabis in the first place, so taking a little extra care to keep it nice, goes a long way.

Have you ever looked closely at a plastic bag that you’ve stored cannabis in before you throw it away? Have you ever noticed the crystals stuck to the bag? That’s a clue that your not storing it the best way you could. If those crystals remained on the bud in your bag, you would get more from your product and feel a little better when you used it. Using a sealed glass jar is perfect when you’re at home, but traveling with one can limit how easily you can move about.

Smell proof bags

The other issue while traveling with your favorite cannabis - is blocking the scent of it while you’re traveling. The last thing you want is extra attention from anyone who doesn’t enjoy the sacred herb themselves, including law enforcement or security. Check out Level 1620’s smell proof weed bags, and that will be one last issue to be concerned about. Using some kind of bag that doesn’t let the stinky smell out is usually a good idea especially when taking it with ya on the go. Maybe you use a double ziplock. Hopefully, you don’t go as far as carrying a jar of peanut butter with a pill bottle stuffed down in the middle. It will kill the smell, but how easy will it be to take it out and use it? There is a better way. Take a look at one of Level 1620’s smell proof bags. Take it with confidence in one of their awesome designer smell proof weed bags. Travel free, live life without worry while expressing yourself carrying a designer cannabis bag made to travel with.