Art + Love + 420 + Fashion

Going High with Extra Style

Here at level 1620 the only thing that matter is brining meaningful and updated crafts for our customers


Art is the extra layer on our bags. we put it there to protect our souls. Smell proof bags is a MUST but without art we just miss out the right mindset


Charlene R.

This is absolutely the best smellproof bag i ever have,the print are amazing,the quality gives me really durable feeling,and the most improtant it does prevent the smell comes in or out!!NICE

Charlene R.

Stephen S.

I love the size, it carries everything that I need an outing weather it be for the day trip or the weekend, and it’s great for the intended purpose very effective and the tye-dye look 👀 and colors are coming back into style for something like this and all around great design!!! Thanks 🙏 I have already recommended to a few of my friends😃👍🌿🌿😜

Stephen S.

Robin O.

I love this bag! I got the medium size first and loved it so much I had to get another in a large! The medium is perfect for my daily needs and the large holds everything else! They’re super cute and discreet. No more ripping open Velcro in the middle of the night!!! I couldn’t be happier!!!

Robin O.

Keren Ron Tsidkiely

Textile designer and artist 

Ya'ara Katz

Artist - Jewelry maker 

Nina Bar Natan

Artist. Canvas. Drawings. Directly to the soul

Harry Morduch

Artist. Sydney, Australia

we fought for it. We deserve it. So Let's Do it with style

Defining a New Lifestyle

Smell Proof

We add to each of our bags active carbon layers to absorb smell.  Even in our backpacks we have a side smell proof pocket. 


It is so important to us to feature artwork on our bags as we believe art fits perfectly to the mindset and values of the people in the 420 community. We are proud to showcase some brilliant artists on our bags and other accessories. 


Yes, our goodies defiantly deserve some privacy. all bags come with a combination lock super easy the setup. The challenge is not to forget the code :-) 

More options for everyday needs

We started with simple smell proof pouch, but with time more people asked us to design new lines to allow them more freedom to move how and where they want with their stash and without the fear.

The statement

the statement we are trying to promote in our designs and products is becoming reality. Art & the #Cannabisstyle and freedom is a pride 

Customer support

Our customers are friends. for us being part in this community way more than just business. it is a mission. our customer support refelcts this attitude